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Exclusive Perks that Enhance Every Purchase

Every rug purchase from Shop Oriental Rugs is more than a transaction – it’s a promise. We commit to preserving the longevity of your rug’s story and, in partnership with Bob’s Oriental Rugs, offer even more value to your purchase.

50% Discount on Rug Cleaning Services: Understanding the importance of maintaining the pristine condition of your newly purchased rug, we offer a significant 50% discount on all cleaning services for your rug for the first 5 years following your purchase.

30% Discount on Accidental Damage Repairs: Accidents can happen, but we have you covered. For the first 5 years following your purchase, you are entitled to a 30% discount on any repairs needed due to accidental damage to your rug.

30% Discount on Accidental Stain Removal: Keeping your rug looking its best might require the removal of unexpected stains. Therefore, we are pleased to provide a 30% discount on our expert stain removal services for the first 5 years following your purchase.

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